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Marcela Rešlová
Coaching Psychology

I help entrepreneurs
to maximize their potential and leave a positive impact on the world.

I help entrepreneurs
to maximize their potential and leave a positive impact on the world.

If you want to take your life to the next level, all bad past experience and fear can come up. I am here to help you overcome the obstacles so you can reach what you truly desire.


how do i work


how do i work

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gain clarity

It is important that you feel safe. That is the space where you can dive deeper to identify what holds you back and step out of your comfort zone to take action and get where you wish to be or even further.

become empowered

I know you have all the answers, power and courage within. I will not tell you what to do. I will ask. I will support you to become more self-accepted, self-confident and empowered. Or challenge you if you like to. 

restart your passion and joy

Master your thoughts, emotions and find the life passion. I can help you with that because of psychological and economic background. I have successfully worked with more than 70 clients.

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

Thoeodore Roosevelt


I work mainly with individuals. I also give lectures and facilitate workshops on time and stress management, effective communication and emotional intelligence.


Individual Session

I can help you to overcome the feeling of being out of place, stuck, stressed and overwhelmed.

You can get to know how to
deal with your inner conflict and
stop repeating negative patterns.

Price: 2.500 CZK per session (cca 60 – 90 min.)

Life & Business


Do you feel like it’s time to make a life or business change but it might be scarry or bigger than you at the moment?

Coaching is the fastest development and transformation tool where you are the steersman of your ship and I support you to keep the right direction.

Value: 29.000 CZK
3-4 month package (6 sessions)


Psychology for

Business Leaders

Being alone on the top can be hard as you have no one to discuss the strategic and personnel issues.

Get a partner, counselor or mediator to get the time to stop, think over and make the right decision.   

Let’s meet and discuss the possibilities and details in person or online.

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I love to see what people are able to do. The last success of my client was writing and ilustrating a book!
Even though she has never done it before. I do not have her testimonial yet but have a look what other clients say.

I changed my negative attitude to coaching

I was suprised that instead of unsolicited advice I got space to solve the problem on my own. Marcela was addressing my thoughts in a particular way that led to specific and measurable steps. This guidance helped me gain better understanding of my behaviour and obtain a positive outcome. Moreover, I am able to apply this framework for other areas.

Marcela as a coach is not only a good listener but she can help to see things that are not visible at first glance.

Jiří Pudil
Head of Media Planning

I have got more free time

I started working with Marcela when I felt overwhelmed with work. I run 2 projects at the same time and there were also some changes in my personal life.

During our meetings I identified the warning signs when my work was taking over. Marcela helped me to establih my work routine, timeboxing and improve my energy management. There is the same amount of work but I can manage it much better. That's why I have more free time. Thank you!

Karolína Fenclová
Teacher and manager of yoga studio

I found the answer within

I realized myself where the trouble was and how to fix it. Marcela held space for me. She was listening carefully and let me dive deeper by not manipulating me with her opinion.

Marcela is well aware of the fact that everyone has the answer within. She builds the confidence in your inner power to overcome any obstacles. I am fascinated by the notes I received. It is so accurate! Just like her approach.

Lucie Štancová
Healthy Lifestyle Mentor


I am a coach, therapist, soft-skills lecturer and soulguide.
I support entrepreneurs, visionaries, purpose seekers and life explorers to reach desired results.

I can naturally see potential and strength in people.
I believe that being honest with yourself and others leads to happiness as you follow your inner compass.

I like deep talks and empower people to make the change they wish to see in the world. Inspire others by your own example and make a better world by leaving a meaningful legacy.


Let’s schedule an online meeting to get to know each other and discuss in details how you can get what you wish to.


FREE 30-minute discovery call

Let’s schedule an online meeting to get to know each other and discuss in details how you can get what you wish to.

FREE 30-minute discovery call

Do you have any further questions? Drop me a message.